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Masacksic 2012 

Table of Contents 













Longmeadow High School 

95 Grassy Gutter Road 
Longmeadow, Ma 01106 


There are only a handful of people who we meet in life that truly impact 
us in unexplainable ways. Our dear classmate and friend George M. 
Ginopoulos was indeed one of those people. George was never the most 
popular kid in school. He didn't get the best grades nor was he a sports 
superstar. However, I think it's safe to say that the thing we will all 
remember most about George was his loving personality. He gave and 
never asked for anything in return. He never had anything bad to say 
about anyone and he never got upset when things didn't go his way. The 
friendship and support that George gave us will never be forgotten. 

George was a die-hard sports fan, and, as every sports fan does, George 
had his own unique story as to how he became a fan of his favorite team, 
the Oakland Raiders. He took pride in that story, showing his willingness 
to stick by a team that was often less than stellar. He would tell me about 
how during the late '90' s when the San Francisco 49ers were tearing up 
the football field he and his father would play an infamous football game 
called Tecmo Bowl for the near-ancient Nintendo Entertainment System. 
His father would always play as the 49ers, while George would try out 
new teams every game in an attempt to best his father. George finally 
stumbled upon the Oakland Raiders, who he was barely familiar with, 
and decided to give it a shot. Sure enough, he beat his father for the first 
time. And thus George was born again as a Raiders fan. 

Each person has their own unique memories of loved ones and this just 
happens to be mine of George. Loved ones leave memories that will 
never be forgotten, and these memories help us to celebrate their lives, 
not mourn their deaths. George left this world too soon, as most people 
do, but it doesn't mean it's necessarily the last time we will see him. 
George left each and every one of us with pieces of himself in the form of 
memories, and these 'pieces' form a puzzle in order to showcase the 
person that George was: A loving, caring, selfless individual who left a 
mark on so many people during his short life. 

Fly high, George. We'll all meet again in the end. 


Dear Senior Class of 2012, 

We have been so kindly offered the opportunity to express our congratulations and thoughts on 
this very page. What we are about to say comes from the heart and we mean each word to be 
mentioned. Let us start off with the congratulations. 

Congratulations. For most of our lives we have been geared towards this very moment of 
graduation. From elementary school to middle school, then from middle school to high school, we 
are now at a crossroad of opportunity. No longer are we obsessing over the next Pokemon card or that 
rad new Blink 182 song. For we have matured. We have experienced teenage life in high school. 
You are now entering adulthood. You have experienced some of life's most interesting and beautiful 
moments. Think back to when you were young. For some of you, the friends you acquainted were the 
result of common interests. Perhaps that play date your mother dragged you to actually did work out 
for the best. As you developed your passions, you met others whom inspired you along the way. 

They say that Longmeadow is a bubble. But you see, if Longmeadow were to be a bubble, then 
we declare that this is the finest variety of bubbles. Not too big, or soapy, yet incomparably strong. 
We have been fortunate enough to have been raised in an environment where our family, friends, and 
mentors have decided to work as hard as possible to ensure that our futures be of great promise. We 
have experienced life as it truly is. Many of you, have lived, learned, and laughed with this 
community since you were little children. You have grown up with each other. Your best friend was 
once three and a half feet tall. Originally caring nothing for the outside world, you have watched them 
grow into worldly individuals. You have done so as well. 

Some people may say, when I get my next car then I am truly going to live. They may say, when I 
get my first job, then I'm living the life. Or that when I get into my first relationship, that's what I call 
"la vie est belle". But you see, you are living right now. Do not forget that your life has already 
begun and is being shaped with each of your thoughts and actions. 

Next year, you will leave all you know and embark on the next great adventure. You will not have 
your parents and teachers by your side, at your full assistance each step of the way. You will only 
have the lessons and experiences you have learned here in Longmeadow. 

To wrap things up, we're going to ask you a few questions which you can use to remind yourself of 
who you are and what you are capable of accomplishing in life. 

When it's all said and done, will you have said more than you've done? 

If happiness was the national currency, what kind of work would make you rich? 

Do you remember that time 5 years ago when you were extremely upset? Does it really matter now? 

Is it possible to know the truth without challenging it first? 

Thank you for all the memorable years. 


:rson of the Science department. Susan 

aching in 1981 and has taught for most of her career in Longmeadow 

.. a few years in Maine). During that time she spread her love of life and 

learning to thousands of students. Her love of science is clear and infectious to 

everyone who knows her and have had the pleasure of being her student. 

mazing, caring, dedicated, and awesome are just a few of the words students use 

to describe Mrs. Bailey. Whether dissecting cow eyes, discussing Darwin and 

Goodall, or railing against factory farming, Susan has brought excitement and 

interest into her classroom. Susan's knowledge of and passion for science have 

len happily shared with her colleagues and students for her entire career, and it is 

evident that she loves what she does. She has been a great mentor to new and 

veteran teachers alike and her colleagues are forever indebted to her for her 

[pport. Her smile, sense of humor, and passion will be missed by students and 
staff alike. We all wish her well as she begins her new adventure and gets to 
spend more time with her lovinc husband and the crandkids she adores. 

Susan Bailey 

Karen Shea 

Karen is skilled teacher who instills confidence in her students. Her students 
appreciate her laid back style of instruction that requires them to make 
observations and take ownership of their own learning. She provides extra-help 
tor students who request it, and she finds extra resources for students looking for 
additional practice problems. Whenever she is not teaching, she can be found in 
the mathematics office with her jar of chocolate that is regularly raided by 
teachers from all over the building. She brings delicious dessert items to every 
department meeting, and she bases her decisions upon what is in the best 
interests of the students of Longmeadow High School. She supports new ideas in 
mathematics instructions, and she shares pertinent education articles and 
technology resources with the teachers of the mathematics department. She is 
respected throughout the district as a skilled instructor, department head, and 
curriculum coordinator. 

After a career that started in 1975 (1978 at LHS). Janice, the English 

Department Chair, is retiring. Light-hearted and free-spirited. Janice has 

joyfully shared her love o\' literature and writing with students and 

colleagues. She once half-jokingly said that she wants to be buried with the 

collected works of Jane Austen, one of her favorite authors. Generous and 

fair, she has an uncanny ability to recognize the best in her colleagues and 

her students. Known to burst into song from time to time. Janice has a great 

sense of humor and a hearty laugh. She enthusiastically talks about her 

family (children Eddie. Denise. Nick, and Michael) that she raised with her 

husband Eddie. A lover of books, dogs (currently Sparks. Rooster, and Gus). 

ive theater, and Woody Allen movies. Janice plans to spend most of her lime 

with her husband in their favorite getaway. Lake George. NY. 

Janice Pontacoloni 

Cheryl Casanova 

Cheryl came to Longmeadow High School 29 years ago. Professional, diligent, 
and the most caring of educators, Cheryl proves again and again that you can 
overcome anything and always land on your feet. She provides that daily by 
giving this message to the hundreds of students that have entered her support room 
over the years! Her efforts and achievements have always been and will continue 
to be appreciated by colleagues, family and friends but most importantly by her 
students, who have come to know, appreciate and love her. Cheryl will be 
remembered for all the things that she did while she worked at Longmeadow High 
School. Her message to her students is long lasting, and this message carries on to 
this day with every student who comes back to visit her just to remind her of the 
impact she made on their lives. 

Thanks for your years of hard work and dedication. May your retirement allow 
you to pursue all the things that you never had the time to do when you were 
working!! May you now have the time to indulge in interesting and satisfying 
activities that will allow you to spend your days happily with your grandchild on 
the lake in North Carolina! We wish you only success and happiness in your 
future endeavors - may they be all that you hope for. As you move on to the next 
chapter of your life, know that you will be missed and that our very best wishes 
and thoughts go with you. 

Congratulations on your retirement long live the SHARK!! 

Sue excels as a mathematics teacher through her high level of enthusiasm for 

mathematics and her deep knowledge of her subject area. Her current and 

i former students speak highly of her, and many come to see her during their 

winter breaks from college. She freely gives of her time and energy to assist 

her own students and the students of colleagues both before and after school. 

She is a dynamic presenter who brings energy and humor to material that 

comes across dry and uninteresting in the hands of less talented teachers. She 

instills in all of her students an understanding of the importance and 

usefulness of mathematics. She encourages her students to work hard, and 

>he ends each school year with the presentation of "Math Awards" to students 

in all of her classes to recognize their noteworthy achievements. She has 

formally and informally mentored many of the best current and former 

teachers at Longmeadow High School, and she continues to informally 

advise teachers on the best way to meet the needs of various students. She is 

constantly interested in learning new things and sharing her knowledge with 

other teachers. She is always willing to share resources with her fellow 

teachers, and she expects nothing in return. 

Susan Peters 

Best Eyes: Danny Pierson and Kayla Towsley 



i £ a " 


Most Likely to Suceed: 

Best Car: Phil Schafei 

m i 

Emily Walthouse 

Best Smile: 
Erin Kiernan 

Best Athletes: Jenna Eisher and 
John Mentor 

Best Hair: Devaughm Hill and Kaitlyn Corbet) 

Most Likely to be famous: 
Sam Grodsky and Ryan Moore 

Class Couple: Gary Shea and Sarah Engell 

Natalie Fioretti 

Best Musician: 
Ben Gagne-Maynard 

Most Theatrical: 
Dan Barron 

Class Giuses: Fete Faleologopoulos and 
Fmilee Herringshaw 

Best Looking: Bennett Leveillee and 
Mai Riquier 

m %v 

Best Muscles: 
Connor Samuelson 

Most Likely to be iMte: 
Jarrod Peck 

Most Likely to have a 
Cell Phone on: 
Paisley Krach 

Best Dancer: 
Natalie Fioretti 

Best Artist: 
Meredith DiSessa 

Best Voice: 
Deanna Bach 

Class Teacher's Pet: 
Jackie Chipkin 


Most Likely to be 

Adam Schnmter 

Class Clown: 
Joey Kurbanov 

Most Likely to be on 
TV: KaylaPolgar 

Most likely to Cure 
Cancer: Austin Ijai 

Most Likely to Sleep in 

Class: Suryanshi 


Most Likely to be on 
MTV: Kayla Polgar 

Most Likely to be Sent 

to the Office: Tim 


Changed Most in High 

School: Alison 


Most Likely to Set Off 

the Fire Alarm: 

Killian Hennessey 

Best Laugh: 
Jean Banda 

Most Likely to be on 

Most Likely to Bounce: 

Biggest Boss: 

Broadway: Dan 

Will Nicholson 

Erin O'Connor 


Most Likely to Skip 
Class: Ned Berube 

Best Facial Hair: 
Joe Scuderi 

Worst Driver: 
Connor Hussey 



long way 9 


Gina Albano 

Alexa Engelman 

Alice Metz 

Taryn Amatruda 

Anne Hayes 

Megan Appleman 


Emma Haskell 
Deanna Bach 
James Barnhart 
Sarah Barnhart 
Carly Barsalou 
Katie Besanko 


Camille Blackman 

Daniel Borowsky 

Brendan Knight 

Sarah Breslau 

Amanda Brock 

Sean Brown 


Lindsey Burns 

Carlie Capell 

Michael Carando 

Jacob Chernick 

Elinor Chick 

Alexandra Chipouras 


Chloe Besanko 

Ciara Cosby 

Kaitlin Corbett 

Michael Corvin 

Gabriella Discen/a 

Robert Cox 


r I 



RlAp S 


John Haryasz looking forward (eagerly) to adulthood 

■ lU'f 


L1A Xip,,' ,«| 

liv^r* 4 ' 

" tIb 

^F. ** ""« j 




Caroline Cress 
Emily Crocker 
Danielle D'Agostino 
Cady Deary 
Andrea Dimauro 
Meredith DiSessa 



'W iSPs 


Alec Dray more 
Christopher Duquette 
Charlotte Dzialo 
Gregory Echeverria 
Erin O'Connor 
Lily Faber 

Marrina Falcone 
Raheel Farooqui 
Robert Farquhar 
Joshua Feinberg 
John Fenton 
Sean Fiedler 





Natalie Fioretti 
Jenna Fisher 
John Foley 
James Frank 
Daniela Friedson 
Brian Fvdenkevez 

Sirena Gebeau 
Jennie Gilmore 
Rachel Glick 
Hallie Goldstein 
Lucy Gouvin 
Remy Greenhut 

James Grippo 
Rachel Gyllenhammer 
Hannah Davis 
Autumn Hinson 
Shaina Hirschkorn 
Jason Horowitz 

Michael lancu 
James McCarthy 
Joseph Lavertue 
John Neil 
Erica Josephson 
Justin Myers 

Jack Kamin 

Christina Kapinos 

Kathleen Duquette 

Randi Katz 

Ryan Keator 

Dylan Kelleher 

John Seamus Kennedy 

Erin Kiernan 

Alice Kim 

Kimberly Brown 

Paisley Krach 

Glenn LaFountain 

Austin Lai 

Abigail Leshine 

Bennett Leveillee 

Benjamin Levenson 

Taylor Llodra 

Alexandra Lyon 

Samantha Carvalho 
Thomas McCarthy 

Eileen McDonald 
Christina Maloney 
Charlene Mangold 

Cassandra Martin 

Anna Maziarz 

Caitlin McCoy 

Daniel McDonough 

Madeline McLean 

Megan Smith 

Melanie Feen 

Josh Mendel 

John Mentor 

Lauren Mertens 

Joshua Minardi 

Michael Garrity 

Nitheesha Nakka 

Suryanshi Nayyar 

William Nicholson 

Aaron Neiman 

Tom Nilsson 

Erica Oundjian 

Paige Smith 

\ T ' 

.- '■"- 




• ■ - 


A\& r 

^^^ffc ™ 
















J '■ 


Monique Paquette 
Chrystelle Paul 
Jarrod Peck 
Austin Percy 
Phil Schafer 
Ryan Philbin 

Jean Pierre-Pierre 
Daniel Pierson 
Caitlyn Pisarski 
Dana Pugh 
Alison Rancourt 
Mai-Tram Riqueir 



M^ 1 «* 


S V 


r~ m^2^ 

I jm*' * wti 

jflHL »— ^^^^H 

I J/B*h ll 


Thersea Robitaille 
Jacob Rothstein 
Alysse Rourke 
John Ryan 
Catherine Ryan 
Kevin Rzpeka 

Suchir Sampath 
Kyle Sampson 
Connor Samuelson 
Sarah Engell 
Emily Schwartz 
Hannah Sears 

Sarah Seldon 
Rachel Siegal 
Daniel Simon 
Simon McCarthy 
Tyler Burns 
Alexa Tariff 

Katherine Taylor 
Lauren Termine 
Kayla Towsley 
Emily Walthouse 
Colin Whitney 
Leah Winer 

Cameron Wuerthele 
Yolanda Green 
Mackenzie Ditomassi 


Class of to 1 1 

Brendan Abad 

B, NBAbad 

Cross Country 9 
Track 11 

Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12 
Key Club 

"I'm taking my talents 
to South Beach." 
-Labron James 

"God can give the man 
talent, but the man 
knows how to waste it." 
-Tracy Brown 

Drama Club 9, 11, 12 

SADD 11, 12 

Environmental Club 11 

Yearbook 12 


Senior Class Play 
Stage Manager 

Powder Puff 

"Things couldn't be 

clearer. Your life's in the 

rear- view mirror. You're 

reaching for the unknown, 

the chance to find an open 

road of your own." 

Gina Albano 

Tar, T, Amaturtle 

Softball 10, 11, 12 

Soccer 9, 10 

NHS 11, 12 

"I was standing in the 

park wondering why 

frisbees got bigger as they 

got closer; then it hit me." 

"Just remember...If the 

world didn't suck, we'd all 

fall off" 

"To know that you know 
and to know that you don't 
know-that is real wisdom." 

Taryn Amatruda I Matthew Anderson 

LSO 9-12 
Lyrics 11, 12 
Chamber Orchestra 
11, 12 Director 

Mock Trail 11, 12 

"Heart on fire, brain on 
ice."- Mike Mucci 

"Everyone makes 
mistakes, so don't judge 
them by the mistakes 
they make, but by how 
they correct them." 


Megan Appleman 

Mapples, Maps, Meg 

Varsity Tennis 9-12 Cheerleadmg 10-12C 

Field Hockey 9, 10 

Field Hockey Mgr 10, 11 "Life isn't about finding 

yourself, life is about 
Accidentals 11, 12 creating yourself." 

Senior Class Play 

"It's not the disability 
that defines you; it's 
how you deal with the 
challenges of the 
disability that defines 
you. "-Jim Abbott 


Marisa Azevedo 

Dee, De Bach, Dion Bear 

Accidentals 10, 11, 12 
Drama Club 9, 10, 11, 12 


"Music expresses that 
which cannot be said 
and on which it is 
impossible to be silent.' 
- Victor Hugo 

Deanna Bach 

Ryan Baker 

Jban, Bandapanda, JB 

Swimming 9, 11 
Accidentals 11, 12 

'It's so hot out; milk 
was a bad choice." 


Varsity Tennis 9,10,12 
Dodgeball 9-12 

"Good news, everybody 
we're extending arts and 
crafts time by four hours 
today."- Ben Stiller 


Anthony Barbuti 

Tennis 10 

Track 9, 11 

Field Hockey 9, 10, 11, 12 

Key Club 9-12 

NHS 12 

Jet Jotter 11-12 

Senior Class Play 

Powder Puff 

James Barnh 

' .„ A1 . Do not stop thinking ot 

years in your lite that .., , . ^ 

. *J .. i.j. • hfe as an adventure. You 

count. It s the lite in your , .. . 

,, . , , , . , have no security unless you 
years -Abraham Lincoln ,. , . ... , 

J can live bravely, excitingly, 

imaginatively unless you 

can choose a challenge 

instead of competence." 

-Eleanor Roosevelt 

Soccer 9 

Outdoor Track 9-12 

Indoor Track 11 

Rinaldi's 10, 11 
Frigos Food 12 

"Life goes on." 
-Tupac Shakur 

"Time passes by life 

lightning. Before you 

know it you're struck 


-BIHie Joe Armstrong 

Sarah Barnhart 

Swimming 9, 10, 11, 12 

Carl, Carls, CBars 

Daniel Barron 

Johny Pacley, JB, J 

Basketball 9-12 

"Mmmm Jacob." 
-Jacob Rothstein 

"I can accept failure; 

everyone fails at 

something. But I can't 

accept not trying." 

-Michael Jordan 


Theatrix9, 10, 11, 12 
DJST9, 10, 11, 12 

"All the world's a 


-William Shakespeare 

"Seek the joy of being 



John Basile 


| Impressions 11, 12 
Storrs Library 9-12 

"There's always a bright 

Rebecca Berezin _ 

Soccer 9 

Key Club 9 

Lyrics 10, 11, 12 

Accidentals 10, 11, 12 

ICantorilO, 11, 12 

Western District Chorus 

10, 11, 1 

AH State Chorus 10-12 

Swedish Fish 10 

Senior Class Play 

"The music will save you 

every time." 

"It does not do well to 

dwell on dreams and 

forget to live." 


Carly Barsalou 


Aleksey Berdnikov 


Nedly, Sned 

Ski Team 9-12 

Outdoor track 9-12 

Pole Vault 9-12 

Advanced Potions Club 


"The sunlight hit me 

dead in the eye, like it's 

mad that I gave half the 

day to last night." 


"Buy the ticket, take the 

ride." -Hunter S. 



m i 

— S 

'• * ,, J 

Ned Berube 

East Asia Club 9-12 
NHS 11, 12 

"You are much stronger 
than you think you are. 
Trust me."- Superman 

"All that is gold does not 
glitter. Not all who 
wander are lost. The old 
that is strong does not 
whither. Deep roots are 
not reached by the 
frost. "-Tolkein 

Soccer 9 

Track 9, 10, 11, 12 

Swimming 10, 11, 12 

Diving 11, 12 

NHS 12 

Powder Puff 

Chloe Besanko 

Katie Besanko 

"Everybody is a genius. 

But if you judge a fish 

by its ability to climb a 

tree, it will live its whole 

life believing that it is 


"One of the greatest joys 

known to man is to take 

a flight of ignorance in 

search of knowledge." 


iel Borowsky 

Camille Blackmail 


Indoor Track 10, 11 
Outdoor Track 9 
Ultimate Frisbee 10 

Peace Jam 9 

"Experience is a brutal 
teacher, but you 
learn...My God, do you 
learn."- C. S. Lewis 

"I just ate a big red 
candle."- Brick Tamlin 

Sasa, Freshman, Freshie 

Cheerleading 9-12C 


Teachers Aide Sinai 

Temple 9-12 

"A good family is worth a 

million bucks!"-Sam 

Breslau (Grandpa) 

"This party is STUPID!" 

"Strangers think I am 

quiet; my friends think 

I am outgoing; my best 

friends know I am 

completely insane." 

Cos, Cos Bo, Kemo Sabe 

Soccer 11 

Tennis 11, 12 

LCC Tennis Instructor 

"The ultimate measure of 
a man is not where he 
stands in moments of 
comfort but where he 
stands at times of 
challenge and 
-Martin Luther King Jr. 

"We make a living by 
what we get, but we make 
a life by what we give" 
-Winston Churchill 

Sarah Bresla 

Volleyball 10-12 
Basketball 10 

La Capella 10 

'Live life to the fullest.' 

Softball 9-12 
Drama Club 10-12 
Accidentals 10, 12 

Key Club 11 
NHS 11, 12 

Senior Class Play 

'You're braver than you 

believe, stronger than 

you seem, and smarter 

than you think." 

-Winnie the Pooh 

Amanda Brocl 

Kimberly Brown 




lean Brown 

Linds, Linny, LB 

Track 9, 10, 12 
JV Soccer 9, 10 

SADD 11, 12 

Key Club 9, 10, 11, 12 

Church Youth Group 


"Love the life you live, 
live the life you love." 

*JBL T, Taylor Gang 

* 1 " ^"C 



j/^ > ^\^*; 


C» 4 

£ Indoor Track 12 
Outdoor Track 11, 12 
\ Baseball 10 

"If you are 15 minutes 
early, you are on time. 
If you are on time, you 
are late, and if you are 
late, don't bother 
showing up." 

T-Burns, Ty-Ty 

Track 9-12 

Ski Team 9-12 

Key Club 9-12 


"Don't ask, just plus C." 
- Gary Shea 

"I became insane with 

long intervals of horrible 

sanity." -Edgar Allen 



Lindsey Burns 

Tyler Burns 

Mia, Mimi, Scambi, 

Soccer 9-12 

Indoor Track 9 

JV Lax 9 

Lax Manager 10-12 

"All I can be is 

me... whoever that is." 

- Bob Dylan 

"You just can't live in 

that negative way...make 

way for the positive 

day. "-Bob Marley 


- ~7 

Maria Cambi 

HC, Carcar, Hot Carl 

Soccer 9, 10 

Key Club 9-11 

S.A.D.D. 11 

DJST 11 

Senior Class Play 

Powder Puff 

"Don't find fault; find a 

"Go big or go home." 

Mikey, King Corn 

Indoor Track 9-12C 
Ultimate Frisbee 11,12 
Soccer 9, 10, 11 
Peace Jam 10, 11, 12 

"So, I can write 
anything here and it will 
be in the yearbook?" 

Cross Country 9-12 C 
Track 10, 11, 12 
Indoor Track 11, 12 
Softball 9 

Class Tresurer 11, 12 
Key Club 11, 12 Board 
Yearbook 12 
Senior Class Play 
Powder Puff 

\amantha Carva 

Iho . 


Margo Chanin 

Karate 9, 10, 11, 12 
Senior Class Play Set 
Design 12 

"I never let my 
schooling interfere with 
my education. "-Mark 

"In a society that has 
abolished all adventure, 
the last adventure is to 
abolish that society." 

Ultimate Frisbee 11,12 

Basketball 9, 10 

Cross Country 11 

Indoor Track 11, 12 

Waterpolo 12 

DJST 9-12 

"Don't rule out working 

with your hands. It does 

not preclude working 

with your head." -Andy 




Jacob Chernick 

Ellie, Farmer, McMels, 

Yearbook 11,12 


Powder Puff 

"Life is like a box of 

"Saving the life of one 

animal may not change 

the world, but the world 

will certainly change for 

that one animal." 



Cross Country 9-12 
Indoor Track 9-12 
Outdoor Track 9-12 

Key Club 11, 12 
S.A.D.D. 11, 12 

"There's gonna be times 
when people tell you 
that you can't live your 
dreams; this is what I 
tell them: Never say 
never! "-Justin Bieber 

,. H „^_J 

• • Jk W^ ' 

1 If 

m *» , 

Jaqueline Chipkin 


Bess, JClark, RudyRude 

Pioneer Valley Flea 


Gus & Pauls Bakery 

Point Break 

"Would I rather be feared 
or loved? Easy, I want 

people to be afraid of how 

much they love me." - 

Michael Scott 

"Some of the worst 

mistakes i've made in life 

have been haircuts." 

-Jim Morrison 


Jet Jotter 9-12 
Ultimate 9-12 
Concert Band 9-12 
Cross Country 11, 12 
Soccer 9, 10 

"Imperfection is beauty, 
madness is genius, and 
it's better to be 
absolutely ridiculous 
than absolutely 


Jesse Clark 

ry? " 

^ v 

All, Ally 


JV Soccer 9, 10 

r * 


Track 10 
Play 10, 11 
Dance 9 


B^ ^^ 

Tai Chi 9 
Bertucci's 11, 12 

"Everything will be 
okay in the end. If it's 
not okay, it's not the 

Alexandra Comey 


Volleyball 9-12 C 

Basketball 9, 10 

Powder Puff 

"Bone it down the 


Wrestling 10, 12 
Cross Country 9, 10 
Track 11 

Kids Space 

Michael Corvin 

Ciara Cosby 

Basketball 9, 10 

Unity Club 10, 11, 12 

Urban League of 

Springfield 10, 11, 12 

Women's Group 12 
iSYN 11, 12 

YEAH 11, 12 
' Camp Atwater 10, 11, 12 

Dunbar Community 

Center 11, 12 

WEIB 106.3 10, 11, 12 

Powder Puff 

"The first time someone 
shows you who they are, 
believe them." 

Snoochie Mane, Cooch 

Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12C 

Friendly's Fountain 


Denardo's Dish Washer 

"We needed a moment 

of brilliance and Cotnoir 

provided it." Brad 

Miller (varsity soccer 


'My name's Jacob and i i 
like sports." -Jacob ty 


fatthew Cotnoir 


Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12 
Indoor Track 10, 11, 12 
Baseball 9 
Ultimate Frisbee 12 

"Life is too important to 
be taken seriously." 

Soccer 9, 10 

Lacrosse 9, 10 

Swimming 9,10,1 1,12C 


Yearbook 12 

DJST 12 

Fab Five 


1 -Oscar Wilde 

"If you want to 

improve, be content to 

be thought foolish and 



1 Robert Cox 

Caroline Cress | 

Em, Crocker, Crockpot 

Key Club 11, 12 

Yearbook 11, 12 

NHS 12 

Dance 9-12 

Senior Class Play 


"Life isn't about waiting 

for the storm to pass, it's 

about learning how to 

dance in the rain." 

I ^- m 

Key Club 9-12 
NHS 11, 12 

"Never cut what can be 

"Don't live with the 
brakes on." 

"Life is like a box of 
chocolates, you never 
know what you're gonna 



"Don't worry about 
tomorrow and forget to 
enjoy today." 

Colin Danalis 

Danielle D'Agostino 

Lyrics 11, 12 

Christian Prayer Club 


Take Action 12 

"And it is God who 

establishes us with you 

in Christ, and has 

anointed us, and who 

has also put His seal on 

us and given us His 

Spirit in our hearts as a 

guarantee" / 

-Corinthians 1:21-22 

Hannah Davis 


w uawson 


Skiing 9-12C 

Theatrix 9-12 

DJST 9-12 

Stratton Instructor 9-12 

"Life may not be the party 
we hoped for, but while 
we're here, we might as 
well dance." 

"Sing like no one's 
listening, love like you've 
never been hurt, dance like 
nobody's watching, and 
live like it's heaven on 




Cady Beth 

Volleyball 9-12 

Basketball 9-12 

Softball 9-12C > 

Fab Five 9-12 

Best Buddies 12 

"Live in the moment." 

"Bone it down the 





> _ 

^ady Deary 


Gabbers, Gabs 

Basketball 9-11 
Outdoor Track 11,12 
Indoor Track 12 
/-.'Powder Puff 

"Where is my 
,,-The Incredibles 

^- J^^fc. 

Andre the Giant 


^Basketball 9, 10 

M ^ 

jVolleyball 9, 10 


FTrack 9, 10, 12 

Indoor Track 12 

.Key Club 10, 11, 12 

"Be mindful of your 
thoughts, they become 
^f your words. Be minful of 

^^^Kf V. 

lyour words, they become 

¥ «iV ' 

[your actions. Be mindful of 
Kyour actions, they become 
\your habits. Be mindful of 


1 ttiv 

vnur habits thev become 

Andrea Dimauro 

j your character. Be mindful 
1 of your character, it 
} becomes your destiny." 

Meri, Mer bear, Dith 

Cross Country 9-12 
A.W. Browns 10, 11, 12 

'Faithless is he that says p ~ 
farewell when the road .L. 
darkens. "-Gimli 

"Do it, you won't." « 


iella Discenza 

Meredith DiSessa 

Mack, Dito 



Volleyball C 



Senior Class play 

Peer Leadership 

Powder Puff 


"Sometimes good things 
fall apart so better things 
can fall together." 

"She who has the will to 
win cannot be beaten." 

Ski Team 9-12 
ATeam 9-12 

•What's up Dewy?" 


Alec Dray more 

Lacrosse 9 
Basketball 9, 10, 11 
Track 10, 12 

'Live like it's your last 

Zachary Duff any 

Alexa Dunn 





Chris, Duke, Duker, 

Football 9-12 
Basketball 9, 10 
Baseball 9-12C 

"Get busy living or get 
busy dying." 
-Shawshank Redemption 

"It's not about how hard 
you can hit it's about 
about how hard you can 
get hit and keep moving 
forward. "-Rocky Balboa 


Katie, Dukie, Duke 

Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12 

Basketball 9, 10 

Softball 9, 10, 11, 12 

Key Club 10, 11, 12 

Senior Class Play 

Powder Puff 

"Don't cry because it's 

over, smile because it 

happened." -Dr. Seuss 

v ^ 


Kathleen Duquette 

Charlotte Dzialo 


"Key Club board 9-12 
• Indoor track 9-12 
'Outdoor Track 9, 10, 12 
Cross Country 10-12 

ERoom 145 Club 11, 12 
Peace Jam 10 

^"This too shall pass." 

"I write my curses in 
cursive."- Jay Z and 
Kanye West 

Sengs, Sarbear, Bear 

Cross Country 9-12 
Lacrosse 9-12 

Fab Five 9-12 

DJST 9-12 

Best Buddies 12 

Jet Jotter 10, 11, 12 

Class President 9 

"Forever keep those 
who make you smile" 

Soccer 9,10 

Indoor Track 9,10,11,12 

Baseball 9,10,11,12 

Cross Country 11,12 

Senior Class Play 

NHS 11,12 

Church Pianist 

"Around here, however, 

we don't look backwards 

for very long. We keep 

moving forward, opening 

up new doors and doing 

new things... and 

curiousity keeps leading us 

down new paths." 

-Walt Disnev 


Rex, Anglewood 

f Volleyball 9, 10 
Swimming 9, 10 
Track and Field 9-11 

Senior Class play 

"All you need is love. 
But a little chocolate 
now and then doesn't 

'Clear eyes. Full heart. 
Can't lose." 

Alexa Engelman 



Kenneth Fagan 

l~ "* 

Mem, Mernie 

Volleyball 9-12 
Volleyball Clinic 
Basketball 9, 10 
AAU Basketball 9-11 
Track 9 

Basketball 9 

Golf 9-12 

NHS 11, 12 

Environmental Club 11 

'The difference between 

try and triumph is a 

little urn ph." -Raheel 





Martina Falcone 

Raheel Farooqui 1 

m i 1 1 

Beat-Box the Bob, 

j*r---'" fit* 


Tennis 9-12 

Bibbins, Boo Radley 


^ | 

Key Club 9-12 
NHS 11,12 

Wrestling 9-12C 
Key Club 9, 10, 11 

Bl ■»"*■ "T^ T ■ ~^X 

Yoga Club 11, 12 

How pibbins are youy? 

Jeremy? Jerome? 


n m> 

f . 



"NiNi, SiSi, fi fi, ti ti." 

1 Robert Farquhar 1 


i . 


1 Melanie F 

>ew 1 



Joshua Feinberg 


Varsity Swimming 9-12 
Baseball 9 
Football 9 
I Cantori 

"Don't say a day will 
come; go bring that day 

"Be who you are and say 
what you feel because 
those who matter don't 
mind and those who 
mind don't matter." 


Joseph Felici 

Cross Country 9-12 
Indoor Track 9-12 
Outdoor Track 9-12 
NHS 11,12 

"Make the most of 
yourself, for that is all 
you are." -Emerson 

Arab Money, Feresheesh 

Varsity Tennis 11, 12 
Indoor Track 9 

Sunday School Teacher 

Senior Class Play 

Powder Puff 

"Ha Ha. Hoo Hoo. Ha 
Ha Ho." 

"She thinks she's the i 
queen, and we're the 
sorry people." 

*** wv 

Arine Fereshetian 


Ultimate Frisbee 10-12 
East Asia Club 9 

"Practice makes perfect. 

Nobody's perfect... Why 


"Stop looking into the 

oiture; start living in the 


Gaming Club V.P 

"A ww, how sweet. I wish 
i had someone." "I 

"Bow chika wow wow!" 

"Achievement unlocked: 
LHS graduate." 

Jatalie Fiore* 

Sean Fiedler 


Varsity Volleyball 10-12 

Fab Five 9-12 
DJST 9-12 
NHS 11, 12 
4H 9-12 

"Second place? Yeah, 
That's losing." 

"Bone it down the 


Travis Filiault 

Fish, Fishy, PJ, Poopy, J 

Varsity Soccer 9-12 C 

Varsity Lacrosse 9-12 C 

Indoor Track 9-12 C 


Powder Puff 

"Makin memories." 


"Great memories are 

born from great 


"I always get a ten cause 

I'm built like that." 

-Miley Cyrus 

Jenna Fisher 


Lyrics 9,10,11,12 

Symphony Orchestra 9-12 


Varsity Parkour 11,12 

Cross Country 10,12 

Math Debate 11,12 

"Oh no way dude. He's 

fueled by vengence and 

reinforced by space age 

technology."- Dennis 


"I would light the stove, 

cause I'm starving." 

- Trademark 

Brian Fydenkevez 

DFlems, Flemdog 

Anime Club 10 
East Asia Club 11, 12 


"I would get an 
achievement for that." 

"Remember, don't try 
this at home; go to a 
friend's house." 


B-Team Ultimate I 
Frisbee 10, 11, 12C 

'Heros get remembered, 

but legends never die. 

Follow your heart kid, 

and you'll never go 


"You could take away 

my soul, but you could 

never take away my 



Soccer 9-12 
Baseball 9 

Debate Team 10-12C 
Engineering Club 11, 12 
I Cantori 10-12 
Men's Chorus 9, 12 
St. Mary's Youth 
Council 9-12 

"You can learn the 
name of a bird in all the 
languages of the world, 
but when you're 
finished, you'll know 
absolutely nothing 
whatever about the 
bird."- Richard Feyman 

Daniela Friedson- 


BGM, Gags, Crusty, Benny 

Soccer 9, 10 

Indoor Track 9-12 C 

Crosscountry 11, 12C 

Ultimate Frisbee 9-12C 

NHS 12 

Math/Debate Team 

Jazz Band 11, 12 

Lyrics 11, 12 

Senior Class Play 

"I am against nature. I 

don't dig nature at all. I 

think nature is very 

unnatural. I think the 

truly natural things are 

dreams which nature can't 

touch with its decay." 

-~- — . 

John Foley 

Benjamin Gagne- 

Mike, G, Gmoney 



Eric Garcia 

Baseball 9 

Indoor Track 9- 12 

Soccer 9-12 

Six Flags New England 
Soccer Referee 

"Success is no accident. 
It is hard work, 
perserverence, learning, 
studying, sacrifice, and, 
most of all, love of what 
you are learning to do." 


Michael Garrity 

Serena, Siren, Ren-ren 

Volleyball 9, 10 

Track 10 

Key Club 10, 11, 12 

Senior Class Play 

Powder Puff 

"Change your thoughts 

and you change your 

world. "-Norman 

Vinvent Peale 


Mc 1 ^^» 

"We Make a living by 
what we do, but we 


1 " ■ m m ^CJ 

make a life by what we 

^^^^^■^ ^^^^ 

1 1 M ■ IPVI 


1 Sirena Gebeau 

m ............ _ . 1 

1 Edward 1 
| Gerasimchuk \ 


Soccer 9 
JV Softball 10 
Key Club 10, 11, 12 
Yearbook 12 
Senior Class Play 
Powder Puff 

"Be who you are and say 
what you feel because 
those who mind don't 
matter, and those who 
matter don't mind." 

Jorge, Zeus 

Mock Trial 10, 11, 12 
Car Repair 

"What do you mean we 

have a test? We've only 

had two weeks to study 

the material." 


Jennie Gilmore 


George Ginopoulos 

Mock Trail 10-12 
Drama Club 9-12 
Accidentals 10-12 
ICantori 11, 12 
Softball 10 
East Asia Club 10,11 

"Music expresses that 
which cannot be said and 
on which it is impossible to 
be silent."- Victor Hugo 

"Humans have a knack for 
choosing precisely the 
things that are the worst 
for them."-Albus 


East Asia Club 9-12 

SPFTY 9-12 

La Capella 10-12 

Yoga Club 9-12 

"Time is leeting and 

once a moment is lost, 

you can't ever get it 

back." -Wonderland 

"Dance like no one is 


Hallie Goldstein 

Drama Studio 9-12 

Rachel's Table 11, 12 

Link to libraries 11, 12 

NHS 11, 12 

Key Club 10 

"This above all: To 

thine own self be true." 

-William Shakespeare 


Lucy Gouvin 

Mock Trial 9-12 
Drama Club 9-12 
La Capella 10-12 
Concert Band 9-12 

"I make the fabulous...! 
make the crap into 
credible...I make the 
dull into.. ..delicious." 
-Edina Monsoon 

"La Croix sweetie, La 
Croix. "-Edina Monsoon 

Danielle Granger 


Yoyo, Landa, Yolie 

Tennis 11, 12 
Track 12 
Key Club 9-11 

"I do what others won't 
today so I can do what 
they can't tomorrow." 

Yolanda Green 


Greeny, Greenberg 

Golf 9-12 

A.Team Ultimate 9-12C 

Key Club Publicity 9, 10 

NHS Treasurer 11, 12 

Indoor Track 12 

Jet Jotter 12 

"Is this the Krusty Krab? 
NO! this is Patrick!" 

"There are so many 
states."-Colin Whitney 

"Him (Jim Morrison) and 

Elvis are still alive. I saw 

them in the bathroom." 

-Mrs. Pion 




Remy Greenhut 

Track 9-12 
Indoor Track 10-12 
Key Club 9, 10 
BPA Pres. 11, 12 

"I've been earnin' and 
burnin', snappin' necks 
and cashin' checks." 
-Erin Kiernan 

Grippo, Gripmastah 

Swimming 9-12 
Water Polo 12 

"I have never let my 

schooling interfere with 

my education." 

-Mark Twain 



James Grippo 

Ski Team 9-12C 

Jet Jotter 11, 12 

Key Club 9, 10 

"Life moves pretty fast. 
If you don't stop to look 
around once in a while, 
you could miss it."- 
Ferris Bueller's Day Off 

"You cannot fake chic, 

but you can be chic and 

fake fur."- 

Karl Lagerfeld 


jTennis 9,10,11,12 
^Skiiing 9,10,11,12 
Cross Country 11,12 

Key Club 10-12 
NHS 11, 12 

"Life is too deep for 

words, so don't try to 

describe it; live it." 

"Don't question 

authority; they don't 

know either." 

Ally, Ally-Bally 

Key Club 9,10 
Yearbook 12 

"In three words I can 
sum up everything 
I've learned about 
life: it goes on." 
-Robert Frost 

"We should take 
Bikini Bottom and 
push it somewhere 
else!"- Patrick 

'- %l 

Stephen Grow 


Football 9 

Cross Country 10,11,12 

Indoor Track 9,10,11,12 

Lacrosse 9,10,11 

Track 12 

Youth Track Coach 9-12 

Senior Class Play 

"The free, exploring 

mind of the individual 

human is the most 

valuable thing in the 

world." -John Steinbeck 

Kyle Harris 

John Haryasz 

Lacrosse 9 
Lacrosse Manager 10, 11 

Peace Jam 10, 11, 12 

DJST 12 

Dance-A-Thon 10-12 


' '■'< \ ■ ii 





Cross Country 9-12 
Track 9, 10, 12 
Tennis 9-12 

NHS 11,12 
Key Club 11,12 

"What lies behinds us 
and what lies before us 
are small matters to 
what lies within us." 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Emma Haskell ■ 

Anne Hayes 




Swimming 9-12 

Track 11 

Career Tec 10-12 

"So what, you've got 

haters? That just means 

you stood up for 

something in your life." 

m /CL 





William Heemskerk 

Killian Hennessey 

Field Hockey 9-12C 
Indoor Track 9-12 
Ultimate Frisbee 10-12 
Key Club 9-12 

" She who has the will to 
win cannot be beaten" 

Dr.Dreads, T-Pain 

Football 11 
Track/Field 9-12 


like Herringshaw 


Devaughn Hill 

Outdoor Track 10-12 

La Capella 10-12 

Unity Club 9-12 


Senior Class Play 

'Timberr"-Mr. Sweeney 

"What lies behind us" 

and what lies before us 

are tiny matters 

compared to what lies 

within us." 




Autumn Hinson 



Shaina Hirschkorn 

Lancer Lounge 9 

East Asia Club 9, 10 

East Asia Club 9-12 


"Genius is more often 

Boy Scouts 

found in a cracked pot 

than in a whole one."- 

^ I 

"Boys be ambitious." 

E.B. White 


-William Clark 

"A wise man learns by 



the mistakes of others; a 

-The Doctor 


fool, by his own." 

-Latin proverb 

olmes ■_ 


Soccer 9, 10 

Indoor Track 9, 10 

Cross Country 11 

Ultimate Frisbee 9-12 

Key Club 10 

NHS 11,12 

Wind Ensemble 10-12 

"Be the change that you 
wish to see in the world." 

"It isn't sufficient just to 
want-you've got to ask 
yourself what you are 
going to do to get the 
things you want." -FDR 

Evan Homon 


Varsity Tennis 9-12 
Key Club 9-12 
NHS 11, 12 

POSSIBLE!" -Kevin 

"Tell a man there are 
300 billion stars in the 
universe and he'll 
believe you. Tell him a 
bench has wet paint on it 
and he'll have to touch it 
to be sure." 

Meg, Meggo, Meggie 

Volleyball 9-12 
Lancer Volleyball Clinic 

"Imperfection is beauty, 

madness is genius and it 

is better to be absolutely 

ridiculous than 

absolutely boring." 

-Marilyn Monroe 

fegan Houj 

Ludwig, Huss 

Football 9 

Wrestling 9-12 

BPA 10, 11 


Softball- 9, 10, 11, 12 

"Thinking about 
tomorrow won't change 
how I feel today." 

Uchael Iancu 

Cross Country 9-12C 

Track 9-12 

J-Ball 10-12 

'Life moves pretty fast. 

If you don't stop and 

look around once in a 

while, you could miss 

it."-Ferris Bueller 

Mike, Mikey, Mikester 

Varsity Golf 
Indoor Track 

"A successful man is one 
who can lay a firm 
foundation with the 
bricks others have 
thrown at him." 
-David Brinklet 

"I think we agree, the 
past is over." 
-George W. Bush 

Jack Kamin 


Stina, Stin Stin Swim Team 9,10,11,12 C 

Indoor Track 10-12C 
■; ;Outdoor Track 10-12C "Life isn't about waiting 
■% ^Ultimate Frisbee 9 for the storm to pass. It's 

about dancing in the 
Senior Class Play rain." 

7 Powder Puff 
Yearbook 11-12 
Best Buddies 



istina Kapinos 

"If you don't hand in 
your senior packet, 
you'll be wearing your 

Wrestling 9 
Football 9, 10, 11 
Lax 9, 10, 11 

-T*" . 

i ^Bt 


"Crowded classrooms 
and half day sessions are 
a tragic waste of our 
greatest natural 
resource-the minds of 
our children." 
- Walt Disney 

Michael Keating 

Ryan Keator 


Elise Kei-Rahn 

Orchestra 9,10,11,12 

Pit Orchestra (conductor) 

School Committee Advisory 


Youth Track Coach 9,10,12 


Indoor Track 9 

Outdoor Track 9,12 

"I used to think that anyone 
doing anything weird was 
weird. I suddenly realized 
that anyone doing anything 
weird wasn't weird at all, and 
it was the people saying they 
were weird that were weird." 

"You look like a wet sewage 
rat." - Mr. Mucci 

DK, Kelt 

Lacrosse 9,10,11,12 

Football 9,10,11,12 C 

Indoor Track 9 

"Clear eyes, full hearts, 
can't lose." 

"Whenever you step on 

the ice, remember it was 

Hans that taught you 

how to fly." 


)ylan Kelleher 


John Seamus 

Eriny, Erwin 

Cross Country 

Outdoor/Indoor Track 

Vice President 


Key Club 

"It's part of my 

personality—like it...or 

hate...IDC! Cuz I'm juss 

chillen." -Rachel Siegel 

"Have to get my way, 

yep 24 hours a day cause 

I'm hot like that." 

-Miley Cyrus 


Soccer 9-12C 
Lacrosse 9-12 
Key Club 12 
LHS Hockey Fan 

"My name is Jacob and I 
like sports" 
-Jacob Rothstein 

"Brain on ice, heart on 
fire"-Brad Miller 

"If you don't like 
something, change it. If 
you can't change it, change 
your attitude." 



Bri, BK, Beaker, BK- 
Cage fighter, BriBri 

Varsity Soccer 9-12 

Indoor Track 9-12 

Track 9-12 


Erin Kiernan 

Brianna Kenney 

Ultimate Frisbee 10-12 
Accidentals 12 
Track 12 

Culinary Arts 9, 12 
Taekwondo 9-12 

"It's because i'm Asian." 

Cross Country 9-12 
Indoor Track 9-12 
Outdoor Track 10-12 

Frisbee Club 9 

National Honor Society 

"No snow Hake feels 
responsible for the 
avalanche."- Russian 

Brendan Knight 


Soccer 9, 10 

Cross Country 11, 12 

Track 10, 11 

Indoor Track 10, 11 

Key Club 10,11,12 

DJST 10, 11, 12 
Sr. Class Play Director 

"Life is like riding a 

bicycle- to keep your 

balance you must keep 

moving." -Albert 


Kathleen Knight 


■Outdoor Track 9-12 
Cross Country 10 
Big Y 11, 12 

"If you aren't first, 
you're last."-Ricky 

"You may say I'm a 

dreamer, but I'm not.' 

'-Steve Carrell 

Alexander Koerner 

■"You stay classy, 
LHS."-Ron Burgundy 

1 M 

Any possible altercation, 

abbreviation, or 
elongation of my name 


PVK, Pais 

Swimming 9-12 
Track/ Field 9-12 

Lyrics 10-12 

Accidentals 12 

I Cantori 10-12 

Drama Club 10, 12 

Key Club 10-12 



i ** - m 
L > ~^B 

V m. . _ Mm 

Key Club 9, 10, 11 

"Life isn't measured by 
the number of breathes 
you take, but by the 
number of moments that 

"I'm ready, I'm ready, 


take your breath away." 


"Be who you are and say 
what you feel because 
those who mind don't 
matter, and those who 
matter don't mind." 

Joey, Jojo 

Swimming 9,10,11 


Track 9 

Enviornmental Club 

Sailor Club 

Lyrics 10,11,12 

Senior Class Play 


Vice President 12 

Politics Club 

"Why worry about the 
future when you can 
enjoy the present." 

Glentar, Glenny 

Football 9 

Hockey 9, 10, 11, 12C 

Lacrosse 9, 10, 11, 12 

Key Club 10, 11, 12 


"Hey. They laughed at 

Louis Armstrong when he 

wanted to go to the moon, 

now he's up there, 

laughing at them." 

-Chaz Michael Michaels 

"Try not to become a man 

of success, but a man of 


\ \ 

lenn LaFountain . 


Austin Lai 

Cross Country 11,12 
Skiing 9-12 
Tennis 9-12 


Anime Club 

Non Scents 

'I like Trains." 
"Tag? :3" 




Mckenna Larivee 

Joe, Levertue 

Pep band 9, 10, 11, 12 
Big Y 11, 12 
Key Club 10 

'Your life is like a blank 

chalkboard and you 

have the chalk in your 

hands. "-Mr. Mucci 



Jake, Lazbomb, Laz 

Football 9, 10, 11, 12 
Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12 

"That that don't kill me 
can only make me 
stronger." -Kanye West 

"Perfect is not 
attainable, but if we 
chase perfection, we can 
catch excellence." -Vince 

Joseph Lavertue 

Jacob Lazarus 



Smarty Marty 

Wrestling 9-12 
Lacrosse 9 
Football 9, 10, 12 



Marc LeDu 

"Go hard or go home.' 

"Everybody Wang 
Chung tonight." 



John Lee 


Abigail Le shine 

Levenstein, Neb nosnevel 

Wrestling 9 

Outdoor Track 9,10 

Varsity Football 9-12 

Pointbreak 11 

JCC counselor 10,11 

Springfield rugby club 


"It's not about the size of 
the dog in the fight, it's 
about the size of the fight 
in the dog." , 

"My name is Jacob and I ! 

like sports." -Jacob 


Abby, Abbs 

Swimming 9, 10 
Key Club 9, 10, 11 
DJST 10, 11, 12 
Senior Class Play 
Powder Puff 

"Around here, however, 
we don't look backwards 
for very long. We keep 
moving forward, opening 
new doors, and doing new 
things, because we're 
curious and curiosity is 
leading us down new 
paths. "-Walt Disney 


Football 9, 10 

Cross Country 11, 12 

Lacrosse 9-12 

B.P.A 10-12 V.P 

"Do not go where the 

path may lead; go 

instead where there is no 

path and leave a trail." 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Benjamin Levenson 

Taylor Llodra 


Unity Club 
Track and Field 
Jet Jotter 

*"The secret to happiness 
is doing what you love. 

^The secret to success is 
loving what you do." 


Field Hockey 9-12 
Indoor Track 9-12 
Track 9-12 
NHS 11, 12 

"She who has the will to 
win cannot be beaten." 

Gabbi, G-Mack 

New England Dance 

Conservatory 9,10,11,12 

NEDT 9,10,11,12 

Key Club 9,10,11 

Pottery Club 11,12 

Yearbook 12 

Senior Class Play 



"You can complain 

because roses have 

thorns or you can rejoice % 

because thorns have 


Gahrielle Mack 

J0mP&l , 



i fr 

John MacKenzie 

Baseball 9, 10 
Longmeadow CC 
Grounds Crew 9-12 

"It's a dangerous 
business going out your 
front door. You step 
into the road, and if you 
don't keep your feet, 
there is no knowing 
where you might be 
swept off to. "-The Lord 
of the Rings 


\Nicholas Maldonado 


Indoor Track 9,10 

Outdoor Track 10 

Cross Country 11, 12 

Key Club 10, 11, 1 

Peace Jam 10, 11, 1 

DJST 10, 11 

Senior Class Play 

"Cowards die many 

times before their 

deaths; the valiant never 

taste of death but 

once. ' ' -Shakespeare 

Christina Moloney | Jeffrey Mancuso 

Pottery Club 

Holt, MOH 


Charlene Mangold 

'Be who you want to be, 

not who people say you 

should be." 


Timothy Marsh 


Softball 9, 10, 11, 12 
NHS 11, 12 

"It is our choices that 
show what we truly are, 
far more than our 
abilities. "-Albus 


Softball 9, 10 
Volleyball 9, 10 

"Stop being afraid of 

what could go wrong, 

and start being positive 

of what could go right." 

Ira Martin 

Samantha Maynard 


Ski Team 9, 10, 11, 12C 

Track 9, 10, 11, 12 

Peace Jam 10, 11, 12 

"I personally subscribe 

to the belief that normal 

is just a setting on the 

dryer. "-Jodi Picoult 

salad days." 


Anna Maziarz 

Cross Country 10-12 
Indoor Track 9-12 
Outdoor Track 9-12 

Crosscountry 10,11,12 

Indoor Track 10,11,12 

Track 10,11,12 


"The answer to 
everything is 12+C" 

"Remember to live." 



Simon McCarthy 


Football 9 
Hockey 9, 10, 11, 12 
Key Club 10, 11 
Mand H 12 

"Live for the moment.' 

Drama Club 9 

Outdoor Track 11 

Yearbook 12 

Senior class play set 

design 12 

"Nobody panics when 

things go according to 

plan, even if the plan is 




Caitlin McCoy 

Ei, Fileen 

Track 9, 10, 12 

Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12 

Lacrosse 9, 10, 11, 12C 

"I can't be tamed." 
-Miley Cyrus 

"We're going to a mad 
rip yo!" -Kim Kiernan 


Track 9, 10, 11, 12 
Key Club 10, 11 
Peace Jam 10, 11, 12 

"Perhaps imagination is 
only intelligence having 

Madeline McLean 

Patrick McMahon 

ihua Mendel 

MedelorBetter, Mendel 

Brightwood Hardware 
A. W. Browns 

Youth Philharmonic 
Orchestra at New 
England Conservatory 
of Music- 10, 11, 12 

"If you love something, 
set it free. If it comes 
back, it's yours forever. 
If not, it was never 
meant to be." 

Soccer 9-12C 

Ski Team 9-12C 

Lacrosse 9-12 

Interact Club 10, 11, 12 

NHS 11, 12 

"Everyone has the 

desire to win, but only a 

few have the desire to 


John Mentor 

Laur, LMerts, Mirks 

NHS 11, 12 

Swim Team 9, 10 

Outdoor Track 9, 10 

Jet Jotter 11 
DJST 9-12 

'Imperfection is beauty, 

madness is genius, and 

it's better to be 

absolutely ridiculous 

than absolutely 

boring. ' ' -Marilyn 


Lauren Mertens 

Josh, Spicey Mchaggis, 

Drama Club 10, 11, 12 

"What a long, strange 
trip it's been." 

"Once more into the 
great good night, cause 
havoc and let slip the 
dogs of war." -Julius 

Ottie Mo, Ottie, Big Ry 

Basketball 9 

Football 9, 10, 11 

Track 9, 10, 11, 12 

Unity Club 9, 10, 11, 12 

"That's debateable." 

"Swag woop." 

Orchestra 9, 10, 11, 12 
Lyrics 11, 12 
Accidentals 11, 12 

"Dance like nobody's 
watching, sing like 
nobody's listening, love 
like you'll never be 

Joshua Minardi 

Ryan Moore 


Ryan Moriarty 

Concert/Pep Band 9-12 

Interact Club 12 

Senior Class Play 

Pit Orchestra 12 


Ultimate Frisbee 9-12 
Cross Country 9-12 
Track 9-12 

"This is why we can't have 
nice things." 

incredible is waiting to be 
found."-Carl Sagan 

"On the sixth day God 
created the platypus, and 
God said, 'let's see the 
evolutionists try to figure 
that one out.'" 

"What's up Dewy?" 

Sofeinstein, Sof-Sof, 

Shmof, Sofer gopher, 

Brofia, Soria (sis) 

Mock Trial 9 
Knitting Club 10 

JCC Counselor 10, 11 1 

DJST11, 12 ? 

HHHS 9, 10, 11 

JLI Fellow 12 

NHS 11, 12 

"No man can walk out 

on his own story." 



Justin Myers 

Anshi, Anch 

Cross Country 10-12 
Frisbee 9-12 
Key Club 9-12 
SADD 10-12 

"The lesson I've learned 
the most in life is that 
you're always going to 
know more in the future 
than you know now." 
-Taylor Swift 

Suryanshi Nayyar 

itheesha Nakka 

Jack, JC 

Soccer 9-12 

Backetball 9, 10 

Track 11-12C 

Lacrosse 9-12 

NHS 11, 12 

BPA 9-12 

JCC Backetball 11, 12 

Senior ("lass Play 

"I don't know who my 

grandfather was; 1 am 

much more concerned to 

know what his grandson 

will be."-Abraham Lincoln 

V ! 

wfia Muhlmann 

7/ ■ 

Indoor Track 1 1 
Science Quiz Bowl 9 
Yoga Club 10 
Harry Potter Club 10 
Model U.N. 9, 10, 12 
Accidentals 11, 12 
Jet Jotter 12 
Lyrics 12 

"Music is a higher 
revelation then all wisdom 
and philosophy." 

"A coward is incapable of 
exhibiting love; it is the 
prerogative of the brave." 


John Neil 


Ultimate Frisbee 9-12 
East Asia Club 9-12 
Jet Jotter 11, 12 

"All you touch and all you 
see is all your life will ever 
be."- Pink Floyd 

"Some kind of happiness is 
measured out in miles." 
-The Beatles 

"Hey Bulldog" 

Jazz Band 9-12 
Wind Ensemble 9-12 
Senior Districts 9-12 

Cross Country 10, 11 

Jet Jotter 9-11 

Debate Team 9, 10 

"To believe your own 
thought, to believe what 

is true for you in your 

private heart is true for 

all men- that is genius." 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Aaron Neiman 

Samuel Neveu 

(r **^ ***^r 

\ ^C"'^T 

: ^^k 

kT ^ 

Vivian Nguyen 


Cross Country 11, 12 TJ, Terry James moving 

Indoor Track 9-12 the chains, Turr, Terri 

Soccer 9, 10 

Key Club 11, 12 (Treas) Varsity Football 9-12 

Varsity Basketball 9-12 
Unity Club 9-12 
"The speed of time is 
one second per second." 
-Ryan Moriarty 


Football 9 
Lacrosse 9, 11, 12 
Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 12 
Key Club 9, 10, 11 

"Oh, let's do it." 
-Jeff Mancuso 

"They should be up 
cooking breakfast or 
-Jeff Mancuso 

Tom Nilsson 

n erry N orris 


Field Hockey 9, 10 

Volleyball 11 


* Cross Country 12 


\ Basketball 9-12 

■g i 

V* Softball 9-12 


E NHS 11-12 

r .^ 


■' : 

Lone Wolf, Eocon 

Field Hockey 9-12 

Lacrosse 9-12 

Basketball 9, 10 

NHS 11, 12 

Senior Class Play 

"Do what you can, with 

what you have, where 

you are." -Theodore 


'The most wasted day of 

all days is that in which 

we have not laughed." 

-Nicolas Chamfort 


Erica Oundjian 

Irin O'Conni 

Oundj, Reeks 

Conor Olmstead 

East Asia Club 9-12 

' \ " 

IHr -"s^^^*. 



Alex Novak 

Swim Team 10, 11 
Lifeguard 08-11 
Career Tec 10-12 

"The future belongs to 
those who believe in the 
beauty of their dreams.' 

Varsity Basketball 9-12 "Only he who has seen 
Varsity Volleyball 9-12 better days and lives to 

see them again knows 
NHS 11, 12 their true value."-Twain 

Fab Five 9-12 

"If you've given the 
greatest effort that you 
can expect of yourself, 
you always get what you 
deserve" -Vivian 



ine Papoutsakis 


Moe Moe 

"Instead of wishing you 

were someone else, be 

proud of who you are. 

You never know who 

might be looking at you 

wishing they were you." 

^ ^ 


Monique Paquette 

Tennis 9-12 

Track 9, 10, 12 
Indoor Track 12 

Key Club 12 

Yearbook 11,12 

Senior Class Play 

"Dream as if you'll live 
forever. Live as if you'll 
lie today." -James Dean 

"Just keep swimming." 
-Finding Nemo 



Michael Peet 

'*> @> fi 


Basketball 9 
Football 1 1 
Frisbee 10-12 

East Asia Club 9-12 

Kiddly Winks 11, 12 

Key Club 10, 1 1 

NHS 11,12 

"I lift things up and I "When one tries to 

put them down." master something, it 

either ends in success or 
"The duck may swim on failure. But it is in the 
the lake but my daddy attempt itself where you 

owns the lake.' 

find the true value. 

Believe in your own 

power and walk your 

own path." 

"Try and fail, but don't 
fail to try." 

"Life isn't worth living 
unless you're willing to 
take some big chances 
and go for broke." 





Austin Percy 

Christian Prayer Club 
founder at LHS 
Worship leader at 

Bound4LIFE chapter 

Newspaper boy at 
Reminder Publications 

"It is good to wrestle for 
divine blessing." -David 

Philbo Baggins 

Football 9-12 

Baseball 9-12 

Basketball 9 

'My name is Jacob, and 

I like sports." 

-Jacob Rothstein 


kick their (§>#$%$#." 

-Nick St. George 

Matthew Perruccio 

Ryan Philbin 

*i \ 


Key Club 9, 10 
Cheerleading 11, 12 
LaCapellalO, 11, 12 

"Live your life as if 
you're at the bottom, 
even if you're at the 
top." -Nick Jonas 

Da Kaylapwa, 

Soccer 9, 10 
Key Club 9, 10, 11 

"Commitment to 




Kayla Polgar 

Na na 

Basketball 9-12C 
Unity Club 9-12 


Brett Rabideau 

Ali, Al 

Environmental Club 11 

Key Club 12 

Senior Class Play 

Powder Puff 

"Life isn't about waiting 

for the storm to be over, 

it's about learning how to 

dance in the rain." 


"Everything happens 
for a reason. People 
change so that you can 
learn to let go. Things go 
wrong so you can 
appreciate them when 
they're right. And 
, - sometimes good things 
fall apart so that better 
things can fall together." 

"Laugh as much as you 





>reathe and love as long as 

you live." 


4.9 ^T| 


Rancourt I 

Mai-Tram Riquier 

Tessie, Mother Theresa 

Roth, Mmm Jacob 


j|^ JV Softball 9 

Lacrosse 9-12 

\f~ V 

15 Bk Track 10 

Soccer 9-12 

IK- . jm ^ m 

"**V A v^^B 

XI ,*3^ «*v '■ 

Key Club 10, 11 

"Wherever you go, no 

■ ^Bk 

Envirnmental Club 11 

matter what the 

^^ « 

m w ^Km 

weather, always bring 

A ^H 

mf K2^Er 

"Positive minds full of 

your own sunshine." 

faith and hope produce 

-Anthony J. D'Angelo 

^" )^^^ 11; 

mw ? 

positive lives. "-Joyce 

ir I 


■?R *^ 

\ / ^m\ 

v v 

mN t^ 



Jacob Rothstein 



Softball 9, 10, 11C, 12 
Indoor Track 12 
Key Club 9, 11, 12 
Yearbook 12 
Senior Class Play 
Powder Puff 

Alysse Rourke 

stars and your feet on the 

ground." -T. Roosevelt 

"Be the change you want 

to see in the world." 


"Just keep swimming." 

-Finding Nemo 

Yonatan Rubensteu 

Basketball 9 

Field Hockey 9-12 

Lacrosse 9-12 

"When you can be your 

own best audience, and 

when your own applause 

is the best applause you 

know of, you're in good 


"She who has the will to 

win cannot be beaten." 


Catherine Ryan 

Zep, Rzepka 

X, Johnny 

Golf 10-12 
JV Lacrosse 9 

"Everybody hit 
-Nate Scyocurka 

"Ain't nothin to it but to 
do it." -Glenn 

Sushi, Sitchinws, Such 

Soccer 9- 12C 
Basketball 9, 10 
Ultimate Frisbee A-team 

Ultimate Frisbee 10-12 
Brick City Pizza 


"Great memories are born 
from great opportunity" 
-Herb Brooks 

"We're sitting here, and 
I'm supposed to be the 
franchise player and we're 
talking about practice. I 
mean listen, we're sitting 
here talking about 
practice."-Allen lverson 

Suchir Sampath 




Track/Field 9 
Indoor Track 10 

"I wanna talk to 

"Scotty pibbins." 


Lacrosse 9, 10, 11, 12 
Football 9, 10, 11, 12 

Seth, Timbo, Cat Daddy, 

Swimming 9-12 C 
Key Club 10, 12 
Jazz Band 9, 12 

"Don't let school 
interfere with your 

"Don't ask what your 

country can do for you; 

ask what you can do for 

your country."-JFK 



Timothy Santiago 


Soccer 9,10 
Lacrosse 9,10,11 

"It's not the breaths you 
take, but the memories 
you make." 

Shannon Santos 

Sandy-Toes, Shanaynay 

Swimming 9, 10, 12 
Volleyball 11, 12 
Track/Field 11, 12 
Powder Puff 
Lyrics 12 
Accidentals 12 
Swedish Fish 12 
^Senior Class Play 

i"Fat, drunk, and stupid is 
no way to go through life, 
son." -Animal House 

"Those who make it 
complicated never get 
-Kid Cudi 


Alexander Schmitt 


Adam Schmuter 

El Presidente, Corey 

Mathews, Supreme 


Class President 10,11,12 
Orchestra 9,10,11,12 
Senior Class Play 

"Do you push the elevator 
button more than once? Do 
you really believe that makes 
the elevator faster?" 

"When it's all said and done, 
will you have said more than 
you've done?" 

Gregory Schneider 

NHS-Presidentll, 12 

Jet Jotter Editorial Board 

Chemistry Olympiad 

Debate Team 9-12 

Wind Ensemble 10 

Principal Violist-Section 

Leader of Symphony 

Music Mentor 

Chamber Orchestra leader 

"By sharing your time, 

your talent and your 

compassion for others, you 

can truly change the 



'mily Schwartz 

Nathan Scyocurka 

Football 9, 10, 12 
Lacrosse 9-12 

"My name's Jacob and I 
like sports mninimm 

"Girls... jog it down." 
-Mr. Gagne 

"Sleep Knights"-Jerry 

Joseph Scuderi 

Ultimate Frisbee 9-12 
Cross Country 9, 12 

Accidentals 10, 11, 12 
Swedish Fish 11, 12 

Football 9, 11, 12 
Track 9, 10, 11, 12 

"Life is what you make 
of it." 


M K^. 

Hannah Sears 

Sapah, Kelpie 

*ah Selden 

Garebear, Stephen 

Wresting- 2x captain, 2x 
WMASS champ 
Math Team (unofficial 
St. Mary's Church 
Chamber orchestra- 
principle violist 

East Asia Club 10, 11 
Shakerbowl 11 
Key Club 11 

"I like nonsense, it 
wakes up the braincells. 
Fantasy is a necessary 
ingredient in living." 
- Theodore Geisel 

"Damn you, caps lock." 
-The human race 




aney Sharma 

Soccer 9 
Hockey 9 
Track 9, 10 
Indoor Track 10 
Lifeguard 10, 11 

"Plus C 



% hel Siegal 

Gary Shea 


Siegel, Siegs, Seigy, 

Soccer 9-12C 
Indoor Track 9-12 
Track 10, 11, 12C 
S.A.D.D 11, 12 

"I go through guys like 
money flying out their 
hands." -Miley Cyrus 

"No one who ever gave 
their best regretted it." 

Dan, San Dimon 

Lyrics-Tenor 11, 12 

Mens Choir-Tenor 9, 10 

Ultimate Frisbee 11, 12 

"Never put off till 

tomorrow what you can 

do the day after 


"Never gonna give you 



I ^ im tW« T»l 3 l^i 

Meg, Megster, Mego 

Paje, Pahina, Paigey 

Megan Smil 

Basketball 9, 10 
Volleyball 9, 10, 11, 12 

Softball 9. 10, II, 12 

"You have to be unique, 
and different, and shine in 
your way."-Lady Gaga 

"Fearless is not the 
absence of fear. It's not 
being completely unafraid. 
Fearless is having doubts, 
but living in spite of those 
things that scare you to 
death."-Taylor Swift 

Basketball 9, 10 

Indoor Track 11, 12 

Varsity Soccer 10, 11, 12 

Varsity Lacrosse 10-12 

Key Club 10, 11, 12 

SADD10, 11, 12 

Senior Class Play 


Paige Smith 

Staz, Jumbo, Big Joe 

Baseball 9, 10 

Hockey 11, 12 

Danglefest9, 10, 11, 12 

"They don't ask how; 
they ask how many." 

Joseph Stasiowsi 

Cyle Sutherland 


« ' 

Alexa Tariff 

Interact 9 
Snowboarding 9-12 
Camp Half Moon 9-12 
JCC11, 12 
Snowboard coach 12 

"We dream it, we make 
it, we break it, we fix it. 
We create. We wreck 
ourselves day in and day 
out and yet when we 
perfect that one trick, it 
keeps us coming back. 
We snowboard." 

Field Hockey 9,10,11,12 

Indoor Track 9,10,11 

Key Club 9,10 

Outdoor Track 10,11,12 

"She who has the will to 

win can not be beaten." 


Katherine Taylor 


Lacrosse 9, 10 
Field Hockey 9-12 

NHS 11, 12 
Key Club 9-12 

"She who has the will to 
win can not be beaten." 

K. Tow, KK, Kay, Tow 

Varsity Soccer 10-12 

"Live the life you love. 
Love the life you live." 

-Bob Marley ' % 


Lauren Termine 

Kayla Towsley 



Class Secretary 9-12 

Cross Country 9-12C 

Indoor Track 9-12C 

Outdoor Track 9-12 

Hie Accidentals 11,12 

Lyrics 11,12 

NHS 11,12 

Senior Class Play 

"Life is good." 




Emily Walthouse 

Sara Welch 

J A 


. ,av .■■■ ::«***! 

^H r 1 


t > 



"If you can't explain it 

simply, you don't know 

it at alI."-Albert Einstein 

Tobi, Sare-bear 

East Asia Club 9, 10,12 

"What lies behind us and 
what lies before us are small 
matters compared to what 
lies within us."-Emerson 

"It's not the si/e of the dog in 
a fight, but the size of the 
fight in the dog." 

"Be who you are and say 
what you feel, because those 
who mind don't matter and 
those who matter don't 
mind. "-Dr. Seuss 

James Whitehouse 

CWhit, CWhitboss 


Golf 9-12 
Basketball 9-12 
Lacrosse 9-12 

Lacrosse 9, 10, 11 

Swimming 9-12 

Field Hockey 9-12 

"Chance favors the 
prepared mind." 

NHS 11, 12 

Key Club 


Powder Pufl 

Colin Whitney 

"Don't cry because it's 

over, smile because it 

happened." -Dr. Seuss 

"She who has the will to 

win can not be beaten." 



Leah Winer 


Student of the Month 

The following members of the class of 

2012 are not pictured. They are: 

Samuel Epstein, Gabriela Fleschner, 

Julia Lesser, and Matthew Slitzky. 





r wM 



%p : 





[ • 








^Bi**i * ^5" 







<*■ . v 





i ij 


■- J 



h ikpMbth h 

>>^ *V%k. * 

».* •- .. - 


•^ -' 

tc zoj: 1 

Class of 

1 "^ 



62 t r 

Connor Abad 
Niles Ackerman 
Patrick Ahearn 
Austin Amato 
Molly April 
Orit Armon 

Olivia Aseltine 
William Aye 
Ryan ETShara 
Laura Baker 
Kevin Barry 
Eric Barsalou 

Madison Beaulieu 
Abraham Belyy 
Allyssa Black 
Ryan Blain 
Hailey Brinnel 
Matthew Brown 

Sebastian Brunell 
Kelsey Burke 
Christopher Byrne 
Louis Calabrese 
Lisa Calcasola 
Catherine Camacho 

Ashley Camerlin 
Patricia Camerota 
Angela Caputo 
Anna Carey 
Graziano Carpentieri 
Mary Casey 

Colin Cassidy 
Danielle Chabot 
Talya Chait 
Zachary Chase 
Weng-Ching Cheung 
Adam Chiz 

Devante Clarke 
Madalyn Cohen 
Rebecca Cohen-Lindfors 
Emma Collins 
Paul Collins 
Justin Coon 


David Copeland 

Shane Coughlin 

Griffin Crafts 

Alexandra Crews 

Cameron Decain 

Eliot Decker 

Jessica Dee 

Courtney Devin 

Samantha Dibbern 

Natalie Dibona 

John Dombek 

Brian Douglas 

Nicholas Drennan 

Keegan Dudeck 

Nicholas Dunkerley 

Liam Dunne 

Patrick Durocher 

Daniel Ehrlich 

Nathan Elder 

Raven Emanuel 

Hannah Epstein 

Sarah Etkin 

Fahad Farooqui 

Jacquelyn Filomeno 

Katherine Fleming 

James Formaggioni 

Stephen Freyman 

Rachel Freytag 

Jenna Friedberg 

Antonio Fusco 

Simone Gelinas 

Mark Gentile Ii 

Eve George 

Hannah Gilman 

Hannah Glick 

Samantha Goldaper 

Ethan Goldberg 

Taylor Gordenstein 

Alexander Gottzmann 

Noah Gurzenski 

Andrew Hadley 

Erica Haines 


Christopher Hannigan 
Thomas Hannigan 
Chelsea Harrison 
Jillian Heger 
Cecilia Hennessy 
Kathryn Higham 

Meghan Hurley 
Jennifer Hurwitz 
Daniel Ishak 
Ariella Jaron 
Brenton Jenkins 
Sharvari Johari 

Meghan Jones 
Ethan Kadis 
Zachary Kalman 
Myung Kang 
David Rearing 
Owen Kelleher 

Rose Kelly 
Shea Kelly 
Cormac Kennedy 
Jared Kennedy 
Timothy Kennedy 
Connor Kivari 

Jeremy Koerner 
Rachel Kofman 
Ethan Koltz 
Rachel Korn 
Jacob Krainson 
Ashley Kratovil 

Samantha Krevalin 
Nicholas Kristoffy 
Stephen Krushell 
Caroline Kusiak 
Alexandra La Bella 
Joshua Lazarus 

Benjamin Leavitt 
Eric Lee 
Joseph Lee 
Kyu Ho Lee 
Alyssa Lehouiller 
Mary Lemay 


Alexander Leslie 

Matthew Levsky 

Aaron Lipp 

Frederick Liu 

Christopher Lockhart 

Laurence Lohman 

Stephanie Loizzo 

Elise Lombard 

Michael Longo Jr 

Tyler Lucey 

Anthony Luongo 

Rachael Lyons 

Morgan Mailman 

Ryan Malcontento 

Briana Mango 

Poornima Manikantan 

Laura Manzi 

Michael Mariano 

Emily Martin 

Andrew Massa 

Meghan Matthews 

Robert McClure 

Molly McQuade 

Sally Mikhlin 

Julia Miller 

Julia Morisi 

Christopher Mucci 

Andreas Mueller 

Alexander Muller 

Sean Mulvaney 

Ross Muratore 

Kristen Nadeau 

Justin Nathan 

Benjamin Neveu 

Tyler O'Brien 

Alexa CTHara 

Zoe Ochoa 

Taylor Ollari 

Matthew Paleologopoulos 

Vivek Palreddy 

Adam Paquettc 

Hayley Payne 


Richard Pelchar 
Eric Pers 
Zoe Piccus 
Kevin Pierce 
Christopher Pierson 
Samuel Plotkin 

Michael Poisson 
Grace Polak 
Mollie Posnik 
Myriam Poznar 
Jennifer Putnam 
Kyle Quinn 

Kelsey Regan 
Katherine Reggiannini 
Brian Reid 
Kevin Reilly 
Ethan Requardt 
Nakeisha Roberts 

Katherine Rosen 
Austin Rowe 
Tiffanie Russo 
Spoorthi Sampath 
Cunesha Sanders 
Alexandra Santiago 

Anna Schwartz 
Joseph Scibelli 
Candice Scott 
Chandler Scyocurka 
Michael Sell 
Alex Shapiro 

Connor Shea 
Keri Shea 
Megan Shea 
Tayyab Sheikh 
Jacob Shenker 
Alexander Sherman 

William Shrenker 
Austin Sierra 
John Sinclair lii 
Nicholas Sitaras 
Hannah Skiest 
Logan Skole 


Dylan Smith 

April Solon 

Julia Spelman 

Mariah Stambovsky 

David Stewart 

Matthew Stockley 

Nathan Strain 

Jane Stream 

Alexander Strempel 

Matthew Suzor 

Makayla Syphrit 

Olivia Szostkiewicz 

Will Szostkiewicz 

Dillon Talbot 

Morgan Taniwha 

Shane Taylor 

Steven Tignor 

Ashley Toebes 

Lena Topitzer 

Alexander Torpey 

Amanda Tyler 

Christopher Valdes 

Alec Walt 

William Walthouse 

Gabriel Webb-Millet 

Blake Webler 

Samuel Weinberg 

Nathan Weissman 

Anthony White 

Colin White 

Trevon White 

Caleb Wint 

Emma Wohlers 

Michael Woods 

Kimiko Wysocki 

Mikayla Wysocki 

Derrick Yam 

Julie Ycsu 

Alexander Zdonick 






Li k£ M 

Class p 



Be Sjoberg 
Vice President 

Madeline Naurer 

Michelle George 

Carly Albano 
Luke Alexandru 
Efrat Armon 
Benjamin Aronson 
Brooke Baevsky 
Trevor Bajek 

Alexander Berardi 
Caroline Bialas 
Molly Biron 
Manon Blackman 
Abigail Boyle 
Bahar Bozorgzadeh 

Samuel Bray 
Cameron Browne 
Leah Brush 
Camille Burger 
Danielle Burns 
Madelynn Burt 

Karissa Butera 
Brendan Callan 
Alexa Cambi 
Molly Carolan 
James Casey 
Mary Chamberlain 

Parneet Chhatwal 
Hannah Chick 
Maxwell Chipouras 
Martin Clayton 
Sarah Clough-Segall 
Chloe Connery 

Griffin Connors 
Joseph Consolini Jr. 
Matthew Cooper 
McKenzie Copland 
Micaela Corbett 
Christopher Cosby 

Caci Cosenzi 
Emily Couture 
Lillian Curley-Swannie 
Matthew Cuscovitch 
Austin D'Agostino 
Colby Daboul 


Nicholas Daboul 

Cameron Danalis 

Joshua Davis 

Elizabeth Deshaies 

Andrew Desrochers 

Liam Dillon 

Jake Ditmar 

Matthew Donnelly 

Jacob Dragone 

Matthew Draymore 

Brian Dussault 

John Falcone 

Alicia Famiglietti 

Brittany Famiglietti 

Nicole Famiglietti 

Tyler Famiglietti 

Faranack Fazaeli 

Daniel Fein 

Gabrielle Fernandes 
Taylor Filiault 

Madeline Fitzpatrick 

Emily Flahive 

Haleigh Franz 

Jacob Freedman 

Tyler Gagne 

Matthew Garrity 

Kaitlynn Geier 

Michelle George 

Leif Gerchberg 

Luke Gerweck 

Eric Gibson 

Sarah Glick 

Matthew Goldstein 

Emily Goodman 

Gillian Goodrich 

Hannah Gordon 

Mary Grow 

Travis Guzzo 

Mary Haines 

Michael Hanson 

Ashley Heeb-Schncll 

Kate Heenan 


Mary Henshaw 
Michael Hepper 
Andrew Hinman 
Christian Hughes 
Mahdia Hunt 
Griffin Hurley 

Haley Jagodowski 
Evan Jones 
Shubham Kanake 
Arianna Katsoulis 
Presia Kegler 
Drew Kelleher 

Nicholas Kennedy 
Madeline King 
Jason Knight 
Aamani Kottamasu 
Katie Kratovil 
Rachel Kronick 

Mayank Kumar 
Mariana Lachiusa 
Elise Lepage 
Reid Leveillee 
Elizabeth Levson 
Tajmaff Nae Lewis 

Christine Li 
Alina Libowitz 
Justin Liu 
Zachary Londergan 
Savannah Loreto 
Zachary Lukas 

James MacCormick 
Amir Mani 
Jake Manzi 
Campbell Marchant 
Mary Marchese 
Anthony Martin 

Eric Mau 
Madeline Maurer 
Ian Maynard 
Ryan McAdoo 
Connor McCarthy 
Michael McCarthy 


Samantha McCarthy 

Ryan McCoy 

Colin McDermott 

Mary McDonald 

Jacquelynn Mclntyre 

Caroline McKenna 

Molly McKeown 

Theodore Mclean 

Alison Melchionna 

Michael Metcalf 

Alec Metropoulos 

Mimi Mgawe 

Shayne Michelman 

Bridget Miller 

Hayley Miller 

Mary Miller 

Michael Mishol 

William Mitchell 

Joseph Montana 

Rachel Moore 

Robert Moore 

Sarah Moriarty 

Michael Mueller 

Aviva Muhlmann 

Taylor Naglieri-Langlois 

Conor Nash 

Omar Natour 

Griffin Nelson 

Carly Neville 

Kimberly Nguyen 

Mika Nizinski 

Teagan Northrup 

Jack Nystrom 

Darby O v Con nor 

James ODonnell 

Kay lee (TDonnell 

Caroline O'Reilly 

Carlie Ollari 

John Overstreet 

William Palkovic 

("ail in Pandolfi 

Nikolas Papoutsakis 


Nicholas Patel 
Catherine Patton 
Erica Paul 
Brenna Percy 
Connor Perry 
Marija Petrovic 

Michael Plumb 
Katherine Poisson 
Adam Pollack 
Michael Porcello 
Jordan Pyers 
Andrew Quirk 

Ramisa Rahman 
Isabella Ravanesi 
Hannah Rembrandt 
Kulsoom Rizvan 
Syed Rizvi 
Gabrielle Robinson 

Kathleen Roffo 
Jose Roule 
Jessica Rourke 
Jordyn Roy 
David Ruyffelaert 
John Ryan 

Owen Ryan 
Devin Samuelson 
Kristina Schafer 
Michelle Schein 
Michael Scuderi 
Jillian Scyocurka 

Joseph Selden 
Joshua Shrair 
Zoe Siegel 
Brandon Simmons 
Emily Simon 
John Sitaras 

Bo Sjoberg 
Emilee Smith 
Myles Smith 
Joshua Son 
Luke Sopet 
Andrew Stone 


Tamari Streeter 

Rajesh Susai 

Elizabeth Suschana 

Tyler Thomas 

Patrick Thompson 

Nicholas Tougias 

Zachary Tougias 

Jonathan Travers 

Shannon Tzeng 

Brian Van 

Claudia Volk 

Abigail Wagner 

Michael Walen 

Sarah Wasilewski 

Rachel Wetstone 

John Wheaton 

Benjamin White 

George Yuan 

Valerie Zavalunov 

Rachel Zeller 

Hannah Zwaan 

<*A A ?* 



CLass of IP 1 5 



Joseph Rinaldi 

Jonathon Hack 

Ben Grodsky 

Taylor Adelson 
Gianna Alberici 
David Allgaier 
Jake Amatruda 
Robert Anderson 
Michael Anfang 

William Atheneos 
Shannon Bailey 
Katherine Baker 
Emelia Bakowski 
Alec Barkett 
Jennifer Barnhart 

Keegan Barry 
Edward Bartlett 
Natalie Bell 
Anthony Belyy 
Blaise Bernal 
Jonathan Bernardi 

Sarah Bernstein 
Madison Black 
John Blanton III 
Charly Blazy 
Camryn Boutin 
Alexis Bowen 

Sarah Bray 
Henry Brill 
Colin Broadbent 
Jordan Broadbent 
Michael Joseph Brock 
Patrick Brooks 

Ipek Bulut 
Nicholas Burns 
Allison Byrne 
Paloma Caceres 
Samuel Caillouette 
Alex Calabrese 

Francis Calabrese 
Jennifer Callaghan 
Cynthia Camacho 
Maria Caputo 
Lauren Carey 
Samantha Carleton 


Giovanni Carpentieri 

Emily Carroll 

Susanita Carvajal 

Ian Cass 

Elijah Castillo 

Jordan Chase 

Michael Chen 

Korben Cherkas 

Syng-Huan Chung 

Cassandra Cieplik 

Benjamin Correira 

Daniel Cotnoir 

Shayla Coughlin 

Samantha Cox 

Nicholas Crews 

John Croll 

Ashley Cunningham 

David D v Agostino 

John Dee 

Matthew DeMarche 

Ashley Denmark 

Priyanka Devabhaktuni 

Nicholas DiBona 

Savannah Ditomassi 

Jacob Donelon 

Tighe Dudeck 

Thomas Dunn 

Jennifer Durocher 

Liam Eagan 

Alexander Ehrenberg 

Melissa Falcone 

Justin Feldman 

Manuel Fernandez 

Anthony Ferreira 

Olivia Fisher 

Madeline Foley 

Anne Freeman 

Katherine Frick 

Matthew Friedrich 

Caroline Frigon 

Samuel Gallant 

Lisa Garrity 


Ian Gauthier 
Jill Gelinas 
Joshua Goldberg 
Stephen Goldsmith 
Danielle Goldstein 
Connor Gottzmann 

Michael Grippo 
Benjamin Grodsky 
Christopher Grogan 
Allison Haryasz 
James Heemskerk 
Dylan Helmus 

Nicholas Herringshaw 
Rishadeane Hinds 
Jordan Hurwitz 
Noah Hurwitz 
Chase Hussey 
Ian Ireland 

Julia Izzo 
Mary Jablow 
Sanjiti Johari 
Emma Jones 
Jalen Jones 
Conrad Joyal 

Mallory Judson 
Ezra Kaim 
Ross Kamin 
Joshua Kang 
Jung Hoon Kang 
Julianne Kapner 

Dylann Keaney 
Charles Kelleher 
Christopher King 
Allison Knight 
Daniel Kofman 
Emily Kreinest 

Ian Lantzakis 
Nga Ming Lau 
Kurtis Le Due 
Lucille Leavitt 
Youngsun Lee 
Michael Lemke 


Richard Li 

Sophia Lipp 

Sydney Llodra 

Rohini Loke 

Emily Longo 

Nicholas Losee 

Katherine Lucchesi 

Shelby Lucier 

Caroline Lussier 

Caitlin MacDonnell 

Jonathan Mack 

Sankirth Madabhushi 

Zara Mahmood 

Jacob Mannix 

Hannah Manzi 

Carli Marino 

Jake Marino 

Gavin McAfee-Crowley 

Maire McBride 

Conrad McCarthy 

Katherine McCarthy 

John McDonald 

Timothy McGann 

Madison Melikian 

Andrew Metz 

Allison Mishol 

Sierra Morehardt 

Jessie Moriarty 

Trevion Moss 

Marcus Mueller 

Kiernan Mulcahy 

Colin Murphy 

Michelle Nadeau 

Gaetano Napoli 

Madeleine Neiman 

Jackson Nolan 

Evan Novak 

Kelly Novak 

Dana O'Connor 

Oluwadare Odutola 

Connor Ostrander 

Lauren Padilla 


Kelly Payne 
Alexandra Pelchar 
Thomas Pelchar 
Maria Perez-Gelinas 
Sophie Plotkin 
Javier Poznar 

Ryan Proulx 
Sophie Psaltis 
Amanda Rabideau 
Quinn Rafferty 
Brenna Reilly-Evans 
Sydney Requardt 

Arian Richardson 
Joseph Rinaldi 
Parker Riordan 
Dieu-Lien Riquier 
Emma Robin 
Emily Robinson 

Arianna Rodriguez 
Timothy Ronaldson 
Peter Roumeliotis 
Ari Rubenstein 
Max Rubin 
Joseph Russo 

Jenna Rutz 
Dylan Rye 
Abigail Salvon 
Brienna Santaniello 
Joseph Santaniello 
Carly Santiago 

Ryan Sarno 
Cecilia Schirmeister 
Jennie Schmuter 
Joseph Schneider 
Samantha Schneider 
Marissa Schwartz 

Sara Sciarrino 
Angelina Scolari 
Jordan Scott 
Kyle Seabury 
Michael Sedergren 
David Sell 


Emmett Shea 

Robert Shea 

Kathleen Sheehan 

Temperance Shrenker 

Sabrina Siciliano 

Michaela Smith 

Patrick Smith 

Jordan Sousa 

Tammy Stevens 

Jillian Stockley 

Isshiah Stone 

Connor Strain 

Collin Strassburg 

Laura Szczepanek 

Jordan Tariff 

Madison Taylor 

Jonathan Teixeira 

Erinn Temple 

Drew Termine 

Zachary Tetreault 

Jeffrey Thor 

Alexa Tranghese 

Alexander Vahadji 

Emily Valencia 

Derek Vien 

Matthew Viens 

Dylan Walker 

Peter Weiss 

Evan Wetstone 

Sarah Whitney 

Emmett Wint 

Brooke Wistreich 

Rachel Woods 

Vivian Yu 

Karen Zdonick 

Alexa Zippin 

Jami Zolotor 



I \ 



Longmeadow High 

School Faculty 


Larry Berte 

Tom Landers 

Paul Dunkerley 

Marco Almeida 
Lisa Alves 
Ruthann August 
Yvonne Balaban 

Susan Bayley 
Jayne Berman 
Lawrence Berte 
Jennifer Bolen 

Maureen Cadieux 
Lori Calabrese 
Deborah Callahan 
Melissa Candon 

Mark Cormier 
Janet Coyne 
Lauren Crafts 
Karen Cuthbert 

Susan D v Agostino 
Natalie de Gruyl 
John Devine 
James Dibbern 


Mary Dillon 
Karla Drake 
Nancy Duffy 
Paul Dunkerley 

Patricia Dussault 
Barbara Ezer 
Jennifer Faulkner 
Katherine Fedorov 

Gideon Fischer 
Christina Fisher 
James Flaherty 
Matthew Flanagan 

David Fontes 
Julia Fournier-Rea 
Michael Framarin 
Roberta Fydenkevez 

Laurie Garcia 
Michele Garreffi 
Hilary Godin 
Laura Goldstein 


Rita Hawker 
Lorena Healy 
Amy Holt 
Pauline Jacek 

John Gartman 
Aaron Keller 
Linda Kelly 
Christine Kervian 

Thomas Landers 
Meredith Laughlin 
Robert Lee 
Scott Little 

Karen Locke 
William Lyon 
Donna Lyons 
Sandra Macdonald 

Patrick Magowan 
Gerald Martin 
Wendy Martin 
Jonathan Matusko 


Linda McPartlan 

Jessica Moore 

Rosemarie Moriarty 

Michael Mucci 

Judy Neilson 

Robert (XConnell 

Cindy CTMalley 

Karen Omartian 

Lois Ostrander 

John Pantuosco 

Denise Penna 

Susan Peters 

Pamela Pion 

Heather Pollard 

Janice Pontacoloni 

Janine Preston 

John Rauseo 

Lori Robbins 

Michael Rosemond 

Alexander Rotsko 


Jennifer Rousseau 
Meaghan Roy 
Joseph Rusenko 
Megan Schwartz 

Karen Shea 
Joanne Sleigh 
Marianne Smith 
Stacy Smith 

Kathleen Smith Epaul 
Lori Snyder 
Nicholas St George 
Geoffrey St Pierre 

Mark Staples 
Charlotte Steele 
Debra Stegall 
Pam Stewart 

Joseph Sweeney 
Mary Talbot-Barry 
Tanner Williams 
Karla Thomas- Alcala 


Louanne Tremblay 

Susan Turcotte 

Justin Valley 

Lorraine Vassilopoulos 

Stewart Walker 

Shelly Warren 

Robert Weir 

Kathleen Wells 

Kayla Werlin 

John Williams 

Cheryl Casanova 

Eric Howard 

Bethanie Sawyer 




Terry Norris Bailey Center Dylan Kelleher Eddie Gerasimchuk W 

Benjamin Levenson 

y 1/ oc ' 


,» - - 

Marc Leduc Connor Samuelson Joseph Scuderi Nathan Scyocurka Christopher Duquette R p ni [ b j n 

> ;* : ^ 

Sarah Breslau 


Marisa Azevedo 


• A 

>y~j a 






b >,*. > 


Francheska Federico 


Caitlyn Pisarski 


W m 


John Neil 

Robert Cox 

John Kennedy Michael Garrity 

Brian Fydenkevez 





John Mentor 

Kevin Rzepka Jacob Rothstein Jean Pierre-Pierre Matthew Cotnoir 



Kay la Towsley 

Paige Smith 

urn ,ma ' "** *m awre ' wen 


« * * illliti H 

Eileen McDonald 

^V^$y^HW'-t/c> ■ wans " _ 


^ ml 

Rachel Siegel 

Maria Cambi 

Bnanna Kenney 



.•■•■- '• 

Emilee Herringshaw Catherine Ryan Erin O'Connor 

Sarah Barnhart Leah Winer 

Katherine Taylor Lauren Termine Taylor Llodra 

t **m\ 

Marrina Falcone Mackenzie Ditomassi Megan Houff Amanda Brock 


Kaitlin Corbett 

Cady Deary 


.*".' * -A A* 

Natalie Fioretti 

Erica Oundjian 


Alexander Greenberg 

Michael Iancu 


Raheel Farooqui 

♦ ! v 



John Ryan 


Colin Whitney 



, 9. 


C Jp — ■ 



Emily Walthouse 

Sarah Engell 

Samantha Carvalho 

Anne Hayes 


Kathleen Knight 


■ w 

Haley Northrup 

Jacqueline Chipkin 

Charlotte Dzialo 

Suryanshi Nayyar 

Alexandra Chipouras 

Camille Blackman 

Christina Maloney 

Erin Kiernan 






Jack Kamin 

Gregory Echeverria 

Daniel McDonough 

John Fenton 


Tom Nilsson 

Austin Lai 

John Haryasz 

Benjamin Gagne- 

Brendan Knight 


James McCarthy 


* * 

151 fi j^ ^/j; wpYm^m 

Pa Inff* I JSm^ 

* ^IWr' ™ ^ ^^ ^ ^^^n ^_ ' 




Ryan Connery 


Bennett Leveillee 

Stephen Grow 









Thomas McCarthy 

Glenn LaFountain 



Jean Pierre-Pierre 

Joseph Stasiowski 

Brett Rabideau 

Suryanshi Nayyar Erin Kiernan 

Madeline McLean Chrystelle Paul 

Emily Walthouse 

Samantha Carvalho 


f t 

Remy Greenhut 



Alexandra Chipouras Yolanda Green 

Jenna Fisher 

Taylor Llodra 


Paige Smith 

Emilee Herringshaw 

Christina Kapinos 

Anne Hayes 








■ '•'■,E 

Hi - 







In 'In 


T/. :»■» i 

Alice Kim 

Camille Blackman 



Rachel Siegel 


Eileen McDonald Alysse Rourke Brianna Kenney Gabriella Discenza 



Joseph Felici 

Michael Iancu 

Tom Nilsson 

Jacob Chernick 


James McCarthy 

John Fenton 

k *£> 

Benjamin Gagne- 



Taylor Brnst 

Kohert Cox 

DeVaughn Hill Michael Carandn \\ 


Ryan Moriarty Gregory Echeverria Brendan Knight 

Michael Corvin 


»' 8' 








r ^ 

Michael Garrity 

Jack Kamin 

John Haryasz 

Jnlhan Scyocurka 

Simon McCarthy 

Alexander Greenherg Michael Peel 

N * 

Caroline Cress 

Randi Katz 

Katie Besanko 

Shannon Santos 

Paisley Krach 

Leah Winer 

James Grippo 

Timothy Santiago 

Killian Hennessey 

\<$A V 




1 * * • "i 







™ ■ 

Joshua Feinberg 






Mftv /A 



^w 1 

BT B *J 




Ryan Baker 


X' s* 

- w* i\ 

Connor Hussey 


Marc LeDuc 


William Nicholson 

Robert Farquhar 

Dana Push 

p FT, 

C3 J 

Haley Northrup 


Erica Oundjian 



Terry Norris 






John Basile 

Brendan Abad 



Ryan Connery 


Colin Whitney 

• . 

Nellie Dawson 

Anna Maziarz 

Samantha Grodsky 

1 1 















\ V 

. I l,Wi 


• • 



fci^.^ . * 

T 9 f V 


h x^P^K«S^ • ■ 



- H 



F "th 

Austin Lai 

Alexander Novak 

John Mentor 

Stephen Grow 







1 .® } 




Ned Berube 


Alec Draymore 

^JiJjJjJ UJl^AJiLJ^j j-JJJJ 

j'^r zjiusu^ 


<«m »v> 



■*'.**-;?» . 



^ ^ 

'|* W& 

JJJ ZJ3S S/^3 'J -iJuJJ: 


■I Ki 









" t 



IB m%^ 


■& i 

1 dl 

Us 1 d J J i^£i Jj.T'U 




jj^; ^jj^uj 

7jjjJijjjj ^h-jsii^ 



/ - > 

*< -J 1J J ill -J 




/ - 

jj _?_b_u/ J^jU-r ^JJu 


■ ? 


Mock Trial 




'I /<*' 



Interact Club 



Yoga Club 

of America 


Iv ' „""j 


' V 




- ,«. 


W< { 


U* «*A 


44 * 


Video Game 




East Asia Club 

Unity Club 











Pottery Club 


French Club 




/*£«, H»"<r**-Ts 

I ^ 

Latin Club 


The Jet Jotter 

Math Team 

/ / 

V > 

I — 





Culinary Club 

Raheel has a smile big enough to lift 
everyone's spirits. 

His innocent face has helped 
him get away with a lot of mischief. 




His ability to focus on his goals 
has helped him aim high. 

As he takes a swing at adulthood, his close knit 
family will always be there to support him. 

Best of luck, Raheel! Love, Mom, Dad, Fahad and Zara 


Congratulations Boys' Varsity 

Soccer Team 

a great season 13-3-4 

r- "m ^ 


Mathew Cotnoir 

Robert Cox 

Matt Deane 

Brian Fydenkevez 

Michael Garrity 

Seamus Kennedy 

John Mentor 

Jack Neil 

Johnny Pierre-Pierre 

Jacob Rothstein 

Kevin Rzepka 

Yom the first day of First Grade., 

We are very proud of you! 

Love, Mother, Dad, Frederick, 
Alex and Bradley 

John, Ryan, Colin 
-From toddlers to teens- 
Great friends last a lifetime! 



Congratulations, Boys 

We love you 

The Mentors The Keators 
The Whitneys 

You make us so proud! 

Congratulations to Maddy McLean and 

her cousins: 

The James Gang Class of 2012! 

Keep Smiling! 
Mom, Dad, Stina, Axel 

Maddy, Corrine, Sara, Joshua, Curtis 

Confident, caring, crazy cousins ... Look out world, 
here they come ! 
The Entire James Gang 


"I get by with a little help from my friends..." 

"Our" Fab Five... 
We love you all! 

LHS Field Hockey t© 1 1 

▲%* ~* **' J am J Ml mBI 

m Jk wmi ■ i 


1 ' '^jfiataW ow^at ' 

at ^ 

• „ 

rttiGKJM n- 


eniors: Emilee Herringshaw, Sarah Barnhart, Tayl( 

Plra, Lauren Termine. Catherine Ryan, Leah Winer. 

League Champs 
Western Nass Champs State Finalists 


Congratulations Cam! 





We are so proud of how well you 
adapted to your new life in 
Longmeadow. If you handle the curve 
balls that life throws your way as well , 
as you did this one, you are sure to 
be successful! Always keep your 
sense of humor, your impish grin and 
your desire to see people treated 
fairly. You are a great brother 
and an 1 , \ 

I awesome son. 
1 We wish you 
[all the best in 
I college 
land beyond! 

We Love You Very Much! 
Mom, Dad, Colin and Mary 




Love You Yes 

Excited for you Absolutely 

Proud of you Of course 

Jealous of all that's in front of you... 
Oh yeah! Go get 'em!!! 


Mom, Dad, Jordan 

and Scooby 




Congratulations to 
Joshua Minardi 


Chrystelle, Deanna and 




Good Luck on the next part of your 
journey! We are so proud of you! 

Love, Mom, Dad and Becca 



1 ! 

We are very proud 
of you! 

To our beautiful 

From the day you 
were born you 9 ve 
brought so much 
happiness to our 

We are all so very 

proud of you! 
All our love, 
Mom, Dad & your 

whole family